Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Monday Morning Commute Podcast - June 7, 2006

Monday Morning Commute Podcast - June 7, 2006

The June 5th show had problems, so I am reposting the show today. I will be back next week for a early Monday, late Sunday show.

(MMC-2006-06-05.m4a> - 42:02 minutes, 19.9 MB)

Show Notes (Show Support for these bands!):

- Podsafe music: Matthew Ebel - Drive Away [site]
- Non-Podsafe music: Gomez - How We Operate [site]
- Podsafe music: Jets Overhead - Killing Time [site]
- Podsafe music: Stephen Fretwell - New York [site]
- Podsafe music: 100 Year Picnic - Take This Town [site]
- Podsafe music: The Revolutions - Sentenced to Death (By Rock n' Roll) [site]
Podcast Promo: Jersey Toddshow Podcast [site]
- Podsafe music: Danko Jones - First Date [site]
- Nacho Libre iPod Contest [site]
- Podsafe music: Coppermine - Suffocating [site]
- Podsafe music: Neversay - I Never Thought [site]
- Non-Podsafe music: Mr North - Let Me In [site]

Please e-mail me at: if you have any questions.


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