Sunday, September 11, 2005

Monday Morning Commute Podcast - September 12, 2005

Monday Morning Commute Podcast - September 12, 2005

(MMC-2005-09-12.mp3 - 35 minutes, 11 seconds, 24.8 MB)

Show Notes (Show Support for these bands!):

- Monday Morning Commute Intro (by James Kuta)
- Podsafe music: Tragedy Kings - The Morning After [site]
- Podsafe music: Slackstring - lend me your love [site]
- Hurricane Katrina - American Red Cross [site]
- Hurricane Katrina - Radio NHCWX [site]

- Podsafe music: bill – Sound Scientist [site]
- Podsafe music: Stephen Stills – Drivin' Thunder [site]
- iTunes link for his new album Man Alive [site]
- Podsafe music: Darcy Fray - High Speed [site]
- Podsafe Music - Sunspot - Running in Place [site]
- Podsafe music: Black Furies - Rock City Crimewave[site]
- Podsafe Music: Brother Love - PEOPLE EVERYWHERE [site]

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